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Annie Shahinian has delivered new practices, interpretations and paradigms to multinational corporations, boards of directors, and medium and small companies. Since 1998, she has focused on developing the leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations. Founder and CEO of Merkaba, a company specializing in leadership and organizational transformation, Ms. Shahinian has broad experience helping leaders and their teams achieve unprecedented results in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the USA and France.

Since 2002, Annie has represented Paracomm Partners International in Latin America, offering a variety of programs and services that achieve and sustain large-scale systems change and organizational transformation. Client projects have not only involved inventing new futures, coaching teams and building a culture based in responsibility and commitment, but have also included redesigning business processes to foster breakthroughs in innovation, communication and coordination.

Ms. Shahinian holds a degree in Language and Law from the University of Buenos Aires School of Law, a degree in Language and Civilization from the Université Paris-Sorbonne, and a Masters in Leadership and Ontological Design.

Annie is fluent in Spanish, Portugese, French, English and Italian.