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Vince DiBianca

Vince DiBianca coaches and advises CEOs around the world who are committed to producing meaningful unpredictable results for themselves, their enterprise and the planet—no matter what the apparent odds or market conditions. To achieve breakthroughs in innovation, Vincent works with leaders in shifting from the long-held “plan & control” model to one of “commit & create”—in tune with a world of lightning-fast change and enormous uncertainty. A member of the Transformational Leadership Council, and a certified coach by the International Coach Federation, Vince develops leaders to be courageous, committed and competent in creating an unprecedented future.

In 2009, United Nations representatives invited Vince to be a thought partner in examining how to accelerate the impact of business on the greater good of humanity. Inspired to support emerging transformational leaders, he and his partners at DiBianca & Associates work with leaders who have committed themselves and their organizations to shaping our collective future towards a just, thriving and sustainable world within the next four years. Along with prominent author and speaker Lynne Twist, Vincent co-founded The Business Alliance for the Future in 2010 to reveal, accelerate and serve this emerging new paradigm in business.

During the past 35 years, he has coached several thousand leaders in large and small enterprises around the world on a vast array of business and leadership challenges, including expanding their positive impact, solving entrenched problems, transforming relationships and designing career/ life transitions. Experienced as an owner and board member of several enterprises, Vince has guided the transformation of a large defense manufacturing contractor into a diversified telecommunications company, a 100-year-old print publisher into innovating new customized digital educational solutions, and a single product food company to impacting the health and well-being of people around the globe.

In the early 1980s, Vince led the formation and growth of The DiBianca-Berkman Group, a coaching and consulting firm of 50 professionals, noted for their seminal work in organizational transformation. After the firm was acquired a decade later by Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), Vince served on the Executive Committee of CSC’s consulting group. In 1986, Vince helped devise the first conference on coaching in business with Jim Selman. Since the 1990s, Vince has worked with many entrepreneurs and younger leaders in start-up enterprises.

Vince obtained his Bachelors of Science from Drexel University and his Masters in Business Administration from Bucknell University. He has written numerous papers on leadership and presented at several prominent business schools (including Wharton, USC and MIT).