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Additional Programs

Paracomm Partners can customize any of the following executive leadership development programs to suit your organization’s needs.

This foundational five-day program is designed for managers and executives seeking breakthroughs in their capacity to meet today’s challenges. The course promises to inspire and empower individuals engaged in implementing organizational changes that require new clarity, commitment and new ways of thinking and working. This is a unique opportunity for individual participants to:

  • Clarify their commitments and those of their organization
  • Increase their competency in generating and maintaining effective relationships
  • Expand their understanding of organizational and interpersonal dynamics
  • Improve their ability to help others expand their levels of responsibility and their capacity for new action
  • Become a more effective leader by understanding and adopting the proven principles of coaching and empowerment.

Organizations benefit by sending a group of managers to this program. Participants often develop the kind of unity that enables powerful working relationships and fosters the team spirit necessary to achieve successful implementation of large-scale organizational changes.

Mastery of Leadership & Innovation

This program has been offered by Jim Selman since 2001 and is the core curriculum for a two-year accredited college level degree. The program includes six sessions delivered over the better part of a year. Ample personal and project coaching is available during and between scheduled sessions. Upon successful completion, participants are certified as a competent coach.

The first two sessions involve a deeper inquiry into the distinctions we introduce in the five-day Leadership in Action program and are designed to achieve a profound and sustainable personal transformation. The second two sessions focus on leadership and coaching in action and the ‘application’ of these ideas in the service of others. Each participant creates a “breakthrough project” that provides real value for the organization and/or the larger communities in which they live. This project acts as their laboratory for learning and provides opportunities to practice new competencies, including conversations with people outside the course.

Presentation & Leadership Style

All of us coordinate our commitments in relationship to our own style and identity in the world and the identities of others. In our conventional thinking, these identities are a product of our public persona and are psychologically fixed (personalities) and rarely change. This leads to an objectification of human beings.

This 3-day program has the objective of producing personal breakthroughs and empowerment sufficient for participants to self-generate and be responsible for the context(s) within which they are working into the future. The course offers alternative interpretations and practices for breaking through historical habits and patterns and generating more authentic expressions of one’s self. It involves pre-work, an interview with one of the course instructors, quantification of participants’ objectives for participating, and a built-in evaluation and feedback mechanism. Each participant articulates the priority needs for breakthroughs in their own department and creates and commits to a detailed action plan for achieving observable, measurable results after the course.

Communication & Commitment

This program offers a new paradigm of communication based on commitment and action and promises breakthrough results related to participants’ commitments. We deconstruct the conventional wisdom about communication as an ‘information exchange’ process and inquire deeply into the nature of knowledge, ‘knowledge workers’ and ‘learning’. Participants engage in building powerful networks appropriate to accomplishing a vision.

The Leadership Laboratory

This course is recommended as a biannual requirement for maintaining individual proficiency for those wishing to be ‘certified’ by ParaComm Partners International as master coaches. It is an opportunity for participants to experience an in-depth practice of coaching, as well as further develop specific competencies of coaching related to enrollment, reading the future, building relationships, dealing with breakdowns, formulating plans ‘from the future’ and designing powerful action-driven projects.

A pre-course conversation with the participant and the participant’s “boss” clarifies what results the organization needs to see as a consequence of participation in the course. Much of the work is done in small breakout sessions, with one instructor/facilitator working with no more than 5 participants. Participants can repeat this ‘work’ shop often, since the course is not content-driven.