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What is Competence?

Competence is more than a skill. It is the ability to make and keep promises. I believe we can teach a skill, but need to coach people to be competent. In our work with individual clients and organizations we stress the importance of having action match commitments and not becoming trapped in conventional wisdom which + more

Relationship: Rethinking the Fundamentals

“Everything that has been done or that can be done is possible only within the context of authentic and effective human relationships.” —Jim Selman Many of our basic beliefs about what is possible and how work is accomplished have been challenged over the past two decades. Globalization, technological advances, and environmental and security concerns have + more

Ontology: A Theoretical Basis for Professional Coaching

Paper presented at The First Australian Conference on Evidenced-Based Coaching at the University of Sydney, Australia on July 7-8, 2003 If coaching is to gain credibility as a profession, it is essential that coaching practice be informed by rigorous and substantive theory. The discipline of Ontology, which has emerged from the integration of significant 20th + more