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Coaching and the Art of Management

The “manager” is viewed variously as a team captain, parent, steward, battle commander, fountain of wisdom, poker player, group spokesperson, gatekeeper, minister, drill instructor, facilitator, initiator, mediator, navigator, candystore-keeper, linchpin, umbrella-holder, and everything else between nurse and Attila-the-Hun. We ask you to view the manager as a coach, and as a creator of a culture + more

Coaches are Not Managers

We often think of coaching in the areas of sports or the performing arts, like the coach of a team, the director of a play or an orchestra conductor. Only recently have we seen interest and enthusiasm for bringing coaching into business organizations. There is a lot of confusion about what coaching really is, how + more

The Case for Inclusiveness

The idea of creating organizational cultures in which people naturally include other people, particularly those different from themselves, is a laudable social objective. Notwithstanding this, accomplishing this kind of social objective is not and should not be a major priority of business. This statement may seem somewhat radical; however, many organizational leaders of late have + more