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In today’s increasingly unpredictable world, we need leaders at all levels of our organizations. ParaComm International focuses on producing breakthrough results that create a new reality and an unprecedented future for our clients. Our ontological coaches develop senior executives, their teams and their frontline people to be ‘leaders in action’. By transforming how people observe the world, themselves and others, we enable them to take new actions that realize their collective future.

Client Testimonial
Gökhan ÖğütGökhan ÖğütCEO, Vodafone Turkey
"ParaComm helped me to build a truly unique culture in my organization that delivered not only breakthrough results but also high motivation and loyalty. ParaComm’s Transformational Leadership Program is definitely the most powerful tool that I have experienced in my career to  build a committed organization that delivers breakthrough results."
James Dodds, Vice President OperationsJames Dodds, Vice President OperationsB.C. Research
"It’s not just about having the right tools—it was our Perspective that needed to change dramatically. If you are really committed to changing the culture of your organization, working with ParaComm will generate excellent results."
Roly Morris, Zone Vice PresidentRoly Morris, Zone Vice PresidentStarbucks Coffee Company
"What they do is help companies find new and effective ways of communicating. The ability to do this creates a basis for powerful relationships. People actually talk about what's important and meaningful. As a result, things get done faster."
Brian Baldock CBE, Chairman and Managing DirectorBrian Baldock CBE, Chairman and Managing DirectorGuinness Brewing Worldwide
"It is extremely rare for a highly successful company to 'stand in the future' and recognize the need to transform itself. ParaComm helped us create a cultural shift with a clear strategic intent for the business, and now all four world areas stand aligned on our common vision and strategy."
Peter Lederer CBE, ChairmanPeter Lederer CBE, ChairmanThe Gleneagles Hotel
"The most meaningful and effective contribution ParaComm made was to help us expand our thinking and to act in new ways. They introduced us to a new way of communicating which has endured years later. As a result of their work the culture of this organization is different."
Bob Dryburgh, PresidentBob Dryburgh, PresidentJenisys Engineered Products
"What ParaComm does affects the fundamental culture, value and prosperity of there business. We set ourselves an unreasonable goal to double our size within five years while producing excellent returns - we achieved this a year ahead of plan. ParaComm played a key role in our ability to achieve this."
Randy Bell, Vice President, FinanceRandy Bell, Vice President, FinancePearson Packaging Systems
"Tim has doubled our return on human capital. He changed the face of our business. This was a great building block for our future strategic initiatives. We went through a fundamental change of mindset. The change was tangible. Not only did it change how people work, it changed their lives."
Joanne Morrow, Senior Vice PresidentJoanne Morrow, Senior Vice PresidentThe Banff Centre
"Tim is one of the most gifted facilitators I have worked with. He was able to translate strategy for individuals, this is what it means to you. Everything was always connected back to this."

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Select Clients

Multinational Food Processing Company

This $500-million unit of a $20-billion international corporation had never made a profit and was ranked in the bottom 15% of the company’s business units. The challenge: an executive team working in silos, a paternalistic culture in a stable marketplace, and an organization with very large and entrenched competition. In less than one year, the unit’s performance achieved 15% profitability and ranked in the top 15% of the company’s business units. More importantly, the executive team brought about an unprecedented transformation of the organization’s culture as reflected in both short-term performance and long-term commitments. Leadership development has exceeded all expectations and encompassed management at all levels of the organization. In the second year of our work, the team undertook a complete reorganization based on transformational principles of committed communication, networked

Multinational Retail Products Company

This 95-year-old international company, whose products are sold in more than 100 countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, recognized the virtual impossibility of predicting what will happen in tomorrow’s business environment. This client engagement initially focused on improving profitability, with individuals learning and applying our breakthrough methodology.

After the first few months, the priority became a more strategic focus on shifting the organizational culture from one based on control and prediction toward one based on commitment and empowerment. The executive team has committed to creating an environment in which authentic communication and commitment to a larger vision will allow the company’s people to change, reinvent and quickly reconfigure their work on a sustainable basis. More than 25 breakthrough projects are currently underway that are designed to achieve unprecedented business results while developing this ‘coaching culture’ and transforming the processes and practices of the organization.

Canadian Center for Management Development

The Center is the in-house executive training arm of the Canadian Federal government. There are some 3,500 executives in the public service. Over 1,000 executives have completed the five-day Coaching For Breakthroughs course led by Paracomm. In addition, 100 executives have completed the year-long Mastery of Leadership & Innovation course.


Our clients include many of the largest multinational corporations in the world with headquarters in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

Our industry experience includes energy, electronics, transportation, computer technology, food processing, consumer products, banking and healthcare.

See results our work has created.