Strategic Advisors

Each of us has our own story of ‘how the world works’—a story we believe is true. This belief limits what we can see and the choices we have available to us in each moment. Coaches observe the world in another way, see possibilities we cannot see, and engage us in exploring our story, our commitments and our actions.

At ParaComm International, we are committed to your commitments. Our goal is to be your collaborative partner in creating breakthroughs to generate the future you want and to be totally present in the moment with you in every coaching interaction.

We offer on demand virtual coaching as part of every client engagement. Whether working at a national, international or global scale, our principals and associates make themselves accessible virtually—as well as in person—as committed partners to accomplishing specific results. We stay connected to you and your people wherever you are in the world using multiple technologies—from videoconferencing and webinars to emails, text messages and conference calls.

Working virtually with a ParaComm coach, leaders and their teams stay engaged in:

  • Discovering new ways of observing who they are and what they are doing
  • Looking at what needs to transform in themselves to accelerate the changes that need to happen
  • Mastering the conversations necessary to achieve their vision and commitments.