Strategic Advisors


Transforming Organizational Cultures

ParaComm International consulting practice focuses on introducing new ways of thinking and leading that produce unprecedented results in multinational organizations. We use leadership language, tools and practices that transform how people observe their environment, effectively allowing them to see new possibilities and make extraordinary commitments that result in breakthrough performance and the transformation of their organizations.

Typically, engagements begin with an initial three to five-day leadership ‘retreat’ to engage tough questions and straight talk relating to the organization’s existing culture and “the way it is around here”. The outcomes of this initial ‘defining moment’ with the business leader and their senior team include: a vision of a future that is unpredictable, clear strategic priorities and accountabilities, four to six breakthrough projects to support the realization of the vision, and a structure for fulfillment for accomplishing and managing unprecedented results.

An engagement will normally require one to two years to reach a point of ‘natural sustainability’ in which the ‘new’ culture has become “the way it is”. Our role after the initial design session(s) is generally limited to coaching cross-functional project teams and intervening when the ‘old’ culture attempts to assimilate the new ideas into more of the same.

Throughout any consulting engagement, we also coach the CEO and selected executives with respect to their leadership objectives and style

Select Accomplishments

Some of ParaComm’s accomplishments include the:

  • Design and leadership of national program initiatives for U.S. government agencies, including the White House and Congress, in the areas of environmental protection, drug and alcohol abuse, and economic development
  • Design of original approaches and development of strategies to build leadership competencies for organizational transformation in the telecommunications, health, aerospace, petroleum, and electrical utility industries
  • Design and implementation of new approaches for large mergers and acquisitions that deal with the human and cultural aspects to the satisfaction of people from both organizations
  • Design and delivery of a ground-breaking leadership course, “Coaching for Breakthroughs and Commitment”, as a component of an overall strategy to transform the culture of the Canadian government to become a more citizen-focused and effective learning organization.