Strategic Advisors

“All ‘mastery’ is about mastery of ‘self’ and the focusing of one’s creative power and energy toward whatever vision or commitments we have in the world.”JIM SELMAN

Organizational transformation starts with a commitment to a possibility, to a vision of an unpredictable future. ParaComm Partners works with clients to achieve unpredictable futures through a series of meetings, courses, conversations, coaching and breakthrough projects.

ParaComm collaborates with our clients in realizing these transformational initiatives by offering programs that shift the conversations among many people—from frontline employees to senior executives—towards the new vision. These programs lay the foundation for sustaining new ways of communicating and coordinating action, anchoring core values in the company culture, and accelerating the changes that need to happen in the way people work together to achieve breakthrough results.

Leadership College

Consistent with our ontological paradigm, our foundational program awakens people to becoming conscious about who they are, what they are committed to accomplishing, and what’s missing to accomplish it. This powerful course incorporates over 30 years of research, insights and practice into the dynamics of human interactions and the nature of organizational culture, coaching and leadership.

Core elements of the Leadership College program include:

  • Leadership
  • Commitment
  • Relationship Competencies
  • Engagement & Alignment
  • Responsibility / Accountability

Mastery of Transformation

Every new level of accomplishment reveals new breakdowns, new possibilities and the need for new practices and processes. This customized ‘Coaching the Coaches’ program delivers the tools necessary for an organization to achieve breakthroughs in their capacity to coordinate action. Over the course of several days, participants engage in a series of rigorous inquiries towards mastering core leadership competencies, including:

  • ‘Being’ a Coach
  • Generating Breakdowns for Breakthroughs
  • Reinventing Relationships
  • Speaking Background Conversations
  • Empowerment
  • Acknowledgement

Additional Programs

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