Strategic Advisors

ParaComm International works with leaders and innovators who are committed to transforming their organizations and bringing about substantive and sustainable change. Relationships with the following people and organizations form the foundation for our contributions.


Purchase Leadership by Jim Selman

This collection of Jim Selman’s essays written between 1998 and 2010 was released August 2011. These writings reveal his perspective on leadership as a linguistic phenomenon and a constant process of transformation based on personal responsibility and commitment. A worthwhile read for leaders who are committed to creating the future for themselves, their organizations and the global community. Purchase through here. Kindle edition here.


Leadership In Action For Young People
 Listen to this 25-minute interview on organizational culture change, conducted by Dr. Marc Cooper in August 2011 as part of an audio series developed to address large-scale shifts currently happening in the dental industry. Visit The Mastery Company to listen online or download the MP3 file.

4YG, Possible Futures Logos

ParaComm Partners is pleased to share this recently launched award-winning, two-minute film by Lauren Selman. “I want to be me”, a ParaComm Partners production, was submitted as part of the ‘Possible Futures’ film competition sponsored by FourYearsGo and the Pachamama Alliance to encourage participants to express their vision. The film demonstrates in a simple yet powerful way that “Who are we?” is the central question for transformational leaders and the foundation for creating a future that works for everyone.

We are pleased to announce ParaComm Partner’s affiliation with The Praemia Group LLC and the Business Alliance for the Future. Praemia Group coaches, develops and supports business leaders in producing unprecedented results that serve all stakeholders and positively impact the environment, society and the global economy.

The Alliance, led by Vince DiBianca, was formed in 2010 to focus on working with leaders towards innovating and shifting their business models to be aligned with a long-term vision of a world that is sustainable, just and life-enhancing. Alliance members, inspired by the FourYearsGo movement, formed a network of very senior management consultants and coaches committed to transformational technologies and the premise that the decisions and actions all of us take in the next four years may very well have an impact on the next 1,000 years.


The best current scientific thinking suggests that most of the essential environmental and social systems on the planet are reaching critical breaking points—that we may be approaching the ‘point of no return’ in terms of time and resources to reverse adverse trends. FourYears.Go is a global initiative to accelerate and empower leaders and organizations already at work to effect large-scale systems change and shift the course of humanity.


In 2006, Mr. Selman was involved in a groundbreaking coaching conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Forty-three key thought leaders from 14 nations gathered to discuss the current challenges facing the coaching industry and to invent new possibilities for moving the profession forward.

Two years later, Jim participated with 22 other transformational leaders and officials in the United Nations to begin a dialogue to distinguish the emerging leadership paradigm and how transformational leadership principles might offer a breakthrough in empowering developing nations and assisting leaders in those countries to undertake full-spectrum responses to their most pressing issues and intractable problems.


For the past three decades, Mr. Selman has been committed to transforming the paradigm of aging. In 2006, he founded The Eldering Institute® in collaboration with Shae Hadden and Adib Saikali, distinguished Eldering, and created several products and programs to transform people’s experience of growing older. The Institute currently provides support, training and development, books and materials for those engaged in changing the cultural conversation we have about aging.

In February 2011, Jim released The Elder, a fable he co-authored with Dr. Marc Cooper, that will change the way people in America look at aging forever. Read more about the principles of Eldering, subscribe to his blog, Serene Ambition, or become a fan of his Huffington Post column.