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Recommended Reading

Disclaimer: To our knowledge, all titles in this list are currently available. If a title is not available through Kindle or, it can still be found through used bookstores.

Building Trust: In Business, Politics, Relationship and Life, Robert C. Solomon and Fernand Flores (Oxford University Press, paperback © 2003)

The Art of Possibility: Transforming Professional and Personal Life, Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander (Kindle / hardcover HBR Press © 2000, / paperback Penguin © 2002)

The Collaborative Way: A Story about Engaging the Mind and Spirit of a Company, Lloyd Fickett (paperback Lloyd Fickett & Associates, 2006). Also see

Being and Nothingness, Jean-Paul Sartre (hardcover Gramercy © 1994 / paperback Washington Square © 1993)

Being and Time, Martin Heidegger (hardcover Harper & Row © 1962 / paperback Harper Perennial Classics 2008)

Being-in-the-World: A Commentary on Heidegger’s Being and Time, Hubert L. Dreyfus (Kindle / paperback © 1990)

The Coach: Creating Partnerships for a Competitive Edge, Matt Starcevich and Steven Stowell (Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness, hardcover © 2003 / Publishers Press, © 1987)

Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others, James Flaherty (Kindle / Butterworth-Heinemann, paperback © 2010)

Coaching for Commitment: Interpersonal Strategies for Obtaining Superior Performance from Individuals and Teams, Dennis C. Kinlaw (Kindle / Pfeiffer, 2nd edition paperback © 1999)

Coaching to the Human Soul: Ontological Coaching & Deep Change, vol 1, Alan Sieler (paperback Newfield Australia, © 2005)

Coaching to the Human Soul: Ontological Coaching & Deep Change, vol 2, Alan Sieler (paperback Newfield Australia, © 2007)

The Concept of Anxiety, Soren Kierkegaard (hardcover Princeton University Press © 1980 / paperback Princeton University Press 1981)

Descartes’ Error: Emotion, Reason and the Human Brain, Antonio Damasio (hardcover Picador © 1995 / paperback Penguin © 2005)

The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience, Francisco J. Varela, Evan Thompson and Eleanor Rosch (Kindle / hardcover MIT Press © 1991 / paperback MIT Press © 1992)

Educating the Reflective Practitioner: Towards a New Design for Teaching and Learning in the Professions, Donald Schön (Kindle / Jossey-Bass, 1st edition paperback © 1987)

Experimental Phenomenology: An Introduction, Don Ihde (State University of New York Press, paperback © 1986)

The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, Peter Senge (Kindle / Crown Business, revised edition, hardcover and paperback © 2006)

From Being to Doing: The Origins of the Biology of Cognition, Humberto R. Maturana and Bernhard Poerkson (paperback Carl Auer International © 2004)

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, Jim Collins. (Harper Business, hardcover © 2001/ paperback © 2005 / audio CD © 2001). Also see

The Handbook of Coaching: A Resource Guide to Effective Coaching with Individuals and Organizations, Frederic M. Hudson, Ph. D. (Kindle / Jossey-Bass, hardcover © 1999)

Heidegger and Ontological Difference, L.M. Vail (Pennsylvania State University Press, hardcover © 1972)

Heidegger For Beginners, Eric Charles Lemay, Jennifer Pitts, and Paul Gordon (paperback For Beginners © 2007)

I and Thou, Martin Buber (hardcover Scribner © 2000 / paperback Martino © 2010)

Leadership and the Art of Conversation: Conversation as A Management Tool, Kim Krisco (Prima Lifestyles, paperback ©1997)

The Nature of Emotion: Fundamental Questions, Paul Ekman and Richard J. Davidson (hardcover and paperback Oxford University Press © 1994)

A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, Eckhart Tolle, (Kindle / Dutton, hardcover © 2001 / Penguin paperback and audio CD © 2008)

On the Way to Language, Martin Heidegger (Harper & Row, hardcover © 1971 / HarperOne, paperback © 1982)

The Passions: Emotions and the Meaning of Life, Robert C. Solomon (hardcover and paperback Hackett Pub Co © 1993)

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Eckhart Tolle (Kindle / New World Library hardcover © 1999 / New World Library audio CD © 2001 / New World Library paperback © 2004)

Speech Acts: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language, John Searle (Cambridge University Press, hardcover © 1969 and paperback © 1970)

Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change, Don Edward Beck and Christopher C. Cowan (Kindle / hardcover Blackwell Publishing © 1996 / paperback Wiley-Blackwell © 2005)

The Tree of Knowledge: The Biological Roots of Human Understanding, Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela (Shambhala, revised edition, paperback © 1992)

Understanding Computers and Cognition: A New Foundation for Design, Fernando Flores & Terry Winograd (Addison-Wesley Professional, paperback © 1987)

Antoine Riboud: Giant of Industry with Social Conscience Writings and Speeches, Pierre Labasse (le cherche midi, © 2007)