Strategic Advisors

Measuring the ROI of human capital and organizational development work is paramount to us. Real success relies on a shift in the individual employee’s mindset.  From our perspective for fundamental change to occur, the change in mindset means a “shift in a person’s ground of being” or attitude at a very deep and sustainable level.  When this occurs, behaviors and moods change naturally.

The following are some examples of the types of results that have been achieved with projects and clients we have worked with. 

    • Design and leadership of national program initiatives for U.S. government agencies, including the White House and Congress, in the areas of environmental protection, drug and alcohol abuse, and economic development.
    • Design of original approaches and development of strategies to build leadership competencies for organizational transformation in the telecommunications, health, aerospace, petroleum, and electrical utility industries.
    • Design and implementation of new approaches for large mergers and acquisitions that deal with the human and cultural aspects to the satisfaction of people from both organizations.
    • Design and delivery of a ground-breaking leadership course, “Coaching for Breakthroughs and Commitment”, as a component of an overall strategy to transform the culture of the Canadian government to become a more citizen-focused and effective learning organization.