Strategic Advisors

We are a team of transformational leaders with substantive experience working as consultants, coaches and strategic advisors to business clients. The complex, inter-related challenges we face in our world today demand more of business leaders than at any previous time in history. We work as partners with our clients in fully engaging with our current reality and creating a future that is unpredictable.

Each member of our team shares an extraordinary, long-standing commitment to transformation—a commitment that contributes to the realization of our clients’ visions, breakthrough projects and game-changing transformational initiatives. We work together in close alignment providing integrated coaching and consulting services that help leaders, their key executives and cross-functional teams go from vision to results in record time.

ParaComm Founders

Co-founders Jim Selman and Tim Seeton were early pioneers in introducing ‘coaching’ to the business world. As founding members of the Transformational Technologies Council, they’ve played key roles in transforming the field of ‘performance consulting’ into ‘organizational transformation and coaching’. They have worked together on large-scale client engagements for over 30 years.

ParaComm Sr Advisor

Our principals work in close alignment with a senior advisor at Praemia Group®, an affiliated firm that collaborates with ParaComm on large-scale client engagements.

ParaComm Associates

Each member of our core team offers their unique perspective, experience and talents to seamlessly complement the work of our principals.

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