Our Work

  • Enrolling the Individual and Clarifying Commitments

We use leadership language, tools and practices to transform how people observe their environment, effectively allowing them to see new possibilities and make unprecedented commitments that result in breakthrough performance.

Each engagement is a unique co-creation with our clients and is always about implementation of a client’s vision and commitments.

We view leadership as being about ‘creating the future’ and focus heavily on alignment of individual commitments within context of the client’s organizational environment and business concerns.

We began developing the philosophy that underlies our approach in the early 1980s, with the culture change work we were doing with Lockheed, at Space Center in Houston, Texas. Our work has expanded worldwide over the last 37 years.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on distinct language to shift how people observe, their thinking (mindset) and their actions (behavior). Our work is explicitly not psychological but is grounded in action based learning and committed speaking and listening (conversations). 

We rely on individual commitment combined with building authentic relationship and trust to illicit collective results.

Our body of knowledge and distinctions are grounded in philosophy, neuroscience and linguistics with primary focus on commitment as ‘action-in-language’ as foundational to leadership and change.

Enrolling the Individual and Clarifying Commitments



Dynamic &
Evolving Process

  • We are offering a transformational journey where we enter into a partnership to co-create something that has not existed before – an unpredictable future.
  • We employ rigorous planning and have a wide array of training, coaching and intervention techniques and capabilities to draw upon, we do not employ any single set strategy, process or procedure. Likewise our work is not based on a fixed formula or model for change management.
  • Our skilled and agile team of Partners look to meet challenges and opportunities as they arise. Our view is that ‘breakdowns’ are the stepping stones to breakthroughs.


The Change We Seek Is
A Shift In Mindset

From our perspective the change that organizations are seeking is not dependent on people agreeing with our philosophy or compliance with different behavioral expectations.  Success will be 100% function of every individual’s responsibility for and commitment to change.  Without this ‘culture will trump strategy’ every time. Resistance causes persistence.

Real success relies on a shift in the individual employee’s mindset.  From our perspective for fundamental change to occur, the change in mindset means a “shift in a person’s ground of being” or attitude at a very deep and sustainable level.  When this occurs, behaviors and moods change naturally.


People at the very top of the organization must be willing to change how they see the world as well, to transform their own mindset.  In this sense, ‘walking the talk’ becomes fundamentally important.